Jim, WA3LBI,  will be the operator for 10 GHz EME using JT4.  We will be using his portable 2.4 meter dish and a 250 watt TWTA.  

If you can hit the moon with a 1 meter dish and a few watts, we would like to work you.  Jim has worked VK7MO who has 45 watts and a 77 cm dish (approximately 3 feet).

Details: PE1RKI feed with circular polarization and two WR 75 connections (TX/RX).  A Kuhne 03 10 GHz transverter with GPSDO 10 Mhz reference.

A low cost method of receiving 10 GHz EME signals can be found on PA0EHG's site.

For terrestrial contacts, this link will help determine if you have obstructions to deal with.

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